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Five Things to Know About Smoke Removal

Image by Rafael De Lancer on Pexels.com

When it’s time to deep-clean your home for restoration or to be put up for sale, special consideration has to be made if you’re a smoker. Here are the five most important things to consider before beginning the smoke removal process.

Removal Tip #1: Stop Smoking Inside

First and foremost, don’t allow smoking in the home. Smoking inside increases toxins and reduces air quality throughout the home by 3-5 times. Additionally, it will undo any of the other cleaning work that you’re about to undertake. If you cannot or aren’t interested in stopping smoking, at least try to smoke as far away from the home as possible to minimize further damage to the space.

Smoke Removal Tip #2: Purify the Air in the Home

Second, it’s important to consider the unseen smoke damage that might be hiding in your home. Clear your air vents and have a thorough deep-cleaning done of your HVAC system. High-end air purifiers and HEPA filters can be used to provide extended support for preventing and removing stubborn smoke smells from lingering.

Tip #3: Wash Smoke-Impacted Upholstery and Curtains

Third, smoke has a tendency to get trapped in fabrics such as curtains and furniture. While you will want to consult the tags and labels on these items, it’s important to use appropriate cleaning processes to remove the smells from them as well. While curtains can be washed and dried, furniture will likely need to be aired out outside of the home to be thoroughly cleaned.

Smoke Removal Tip #4: Replace Wallpaper and Paint Walls

Fourth, like upholstery and curtains, wallpaper and painted walls are notorious for trapping smoke. Whenever possible, those surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly or replaced. If that’s not possible, wallpaper can be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and water. If walls are being painted, an extra layer of strong primer can remove lingering smoke smells instead of trapping them below fresh paint.

Smoke Removal Tip #5: Steam Clean Carpets and Floors

Finally, carpets can trap smoke deep into the fabrics and damage the flooring beneath. If you choose to keep the carpet, a deep steam cleaning will likely be required. Depending on the level of smoke damage, it might require multiple passes to get the job done. If all else fails, consider hiring a smoke removal company to finish the tasks at hand.

If you’re in the market for smoke removal in your home, don’t be afraid to trust the hard work to the right team of contractors. The team at Kelley Klean has been doing deep cleaning and restoration in the Central Missouri area for many years. Don’t stress out. Contact us today!