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Why Odor Removal is Necessary Before Putting Your Home On The Market


Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash

Odor removal is a must if you’re putting your home on the market. While you could try to remove the odor yourself, inexperience in this type of cleanup can cause more harm than good. Here are a few reasons to hire professionals to remove odors from your home.

Home Odor is a Red Flag

No one wants to start off home ownership trying to get rid of smells and odors. Most buyers will visit potential homes during open houses or private showings, often more than once. If potential buyers are put off by odors in your house, they could lose interest quickly. Using Kelly Klean professionals to remove odor culprits from your home can help entice potential buyers.

Avoid Lowball Offers

If a potential buyer sees an issue with a home when purchasing, this may result in a lower offer to the seller. Having odors in the house is easy evidence for an inspector to point out and gives the buyer leverage to offer less money. Additionally, buyers may want the seller to purchase a home warranty moving forward, which can cut into the sale price of the house.

Odor Removal Can  Mean Shorter Timelines

The fewer issues a house has, the less time it takes to sell.  If you are looking to put your house on the market and sell quickly, then you want as few issues as possible for potential buyers. Removing odors using a professional cleaning service can help shorten the time your house is on the market and provide your potential buyers with that “new house” feeling.

Odor Removal = Fewer Questions

Eliminating odors before selling your house decreases the amount of questions from interested people. If potential buyers have done their research, they know that odors can be linked to problems.  Smelling something during a house showing may lead to serious inquiries about the plumbing and past water damage.  While sellers need to be honest about disclosing past issues with the home, having an odor can lead to more unnecessary and expensive precautions from buyers.

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market to sell, contact us to learn more about our cleaning services and odor removal. We serve several central Missouri areas, including Columbia and Jefferson City. Our experienced cleaning specialists have a wide variety of experience to remove even the toughest odors. We’ll help you get your house sparkling clean for future buyers.