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What Rooms in Your Home Are at Extra Risk for Fire Damage

Stove Fire Risk

Image by Three-shots from Pixabay

Have you ever wondered what rooms in your home are at highest risk for fire damage? Rooms requiring heat usage tend to carry the highest risk and need the most precaution for preventing heat, fire, and smoke damage. Even though Kelly Klean has experienced specialists ready to help with restoration after fire damage, here are a few places in the home you can use precautions to prevent disaster.

Fire Damage Risk in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most common place for heat damage and potential fires to start.  Large appliances like the oven or stove can generate a lot of heat if not attended to and be set ablaze in the blink of an eye. Stoves are notorious for grease fires, so be mindful of watching your pots and pans while cooking, especially when using oil or grease. Furthermore, you can prevent fire risk in the kitchen by storing combustible ingredients and small appliances away from heating sources.

Clean that Chimney

Chimneys are the outlet for heat and smoke created in fireplaces that house…fires! It is no surprise that chimneys and fireplaces are another common culprit for heat damage and fire risk.  Each burn that takes place in the fireplace creates ash and debris that will stick to the walls of your chimney.  If you avoid routine chimney cleanings, the debris is flammable and can catch fire when you use your fireplace.  The rule of thumb is that if the chimney residue on the inside walls are at least 1/8 inch thick, then a cleaning needs to occur.  If you are forgetful, it’s best to book regular cleanings every 6 months to give you peace of mind.

Beware the Bedroom Fire Risk

Bedrooms contain many flammable items such as mattresses, pillows, nightstands, and dressers. If your bedroom is cold in the winter, be mindful of space heater usage. Turn off your space heater before you go to sleep. Most accidents from space heaters occur when people are sleeping, putting the whole family at risk for injury. Space heaters should be placed at least three feet from any flammable furniture and plugged directly into an outlet. Additionally, take notice of the condition of your mattress. Even if your mattress was made after the 2007 federal flammability standard, taking precautions to minimize fire risk is necessary.

Kelly Klean has been one of the trusted experts to turn to for fire restoration and damage cleanup. Our experienced staff can also help you diagnose areas in your home at risk for heat damage.  Contact us to learn more about our fire prevention or cleaning services.