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What Makes Kelley Klean Your Only Choice in Storm Restoration

Storm Restoration

Image by Zachary Keimig on Unsplash

When the unexpected happens, waiting to make a decision can be the most costly decision. In the aftermath of inclement weather, our community is in need of quick responses. According to Home Advisor, the cost of storm restoration in the United States averages somewhere between $4,600 and $7,078 with a maximum of $11,000 for the most severe cases.

At Kelley Klean, we pride ourselves in storm restoration that gets our clients back to normal. Fast. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few of the ways that our family can help your family after this storm has passed.

Storm Restoration Must Happen Quickly

Hiring an experienced storm remediation company quickly can make the difference in the cost and quality of your repair experience. This is true because of the lingering problems that standing water can have on your home. Removing standing water is the first key step in preventing additional damage to your home or injuries to members of your family. If you want to be proactive, act quickly to remove the water and some of the risk and money.

It’s About Way More Than Just Water

Storm restoration involves more than just the structure of your home. A solid storm restoration company like Kelley Klean will be with you from start to finish. Our team will begin by taking a tour of your home to determine the best steps to take to repair damage. We’ll also work closely with you to suggest preventive measures to avoid damage from future storms. Our experts will look at every square inch of your home–from every shingle on your roof to every section of your foundation. Taking care of your whole home is the right way to move forward.

Storm Restoration Goes Beyond What the Eye Can See

Similarly, storm restoration requires taking a closer look at what lay beyond the surface. Standing water can lead to a variety of health hazards, most commonly the Big M: Mold. The dangerous part of mold growth is that it doesn’t take much water to grow and then it spreads. The IIRC-certified professionals at Kelley Klean have been doing mold inspections and remediation projects in the Columbia-Jefferson City-Central Missouri area since 1986. All repairs are 100% guaranteed for craftsmanship and your satisfaction.

When you’re ready to hire a storm restoration contractor, Kelley Klean is your clear partner for life. Don’t risk further damage–contact us today!