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Ways to Restore Your Lost Property after Severe Damages

photo by StockSnap- https://pixabay.com/en/users/StockSnap-894430/

photo by StockSnap- https://pixabay.com/en/users/StockSnap-894430/

One of the most heart-breaking parts of a fire or flooding in your home is the huge loss of your personal and precious belongings. However, not everything needs to be thrown out, and some things can be restored with some basic cleaning techniques.

  • Restoring damaged clothing:

Clothing can be cleaned after damages by using caustic substances that can help clean out any stains. The substances can be dangerous if you are exposed to them directly, so make sure you wear gloves and keep them away from any prying children or pets. You may have to use some bleach as well, so make sure you cover your mouth to avoid inhalation. Clean the clothes with this mixture, and then wash them with water. Once they have dried, any stains or smells will most probably be removed.

  • Restoring damaged utensils and appliances:

Damaged utensils such as pans can be restored if they are washed with water and soap, and then rinsed. You may need to polish the utensils using cleaners or special polishes, to remove any stains on them. When it comes to appliances, first make sure they are completely dry. Secondly, the appliance should not be handled by you, as it can be very dangerous. Make sure to call up a professional to take care of this for you.

  • Restoring food:

If the food was canned, or present in jars, clean it out with water and detergents. If there is sign of bulging or rusting, it is best not to use that food as it could be past saving. If there is smell inside your fridge, simply use baking soda or charcoal to remove it.

  • Restoring carpets:

The first thing you need to do with carpets is to leave them to dry. Then, they need to be exposed to fans and dry air so no moisture is left inside them. This reduces any chances of dampness which can cause mold development. If you think there is already mold growing, call up someone in carpet cleaning to have an inspection.

  • Restoring leather materials and books:

Leather can be cleaned out using a simple cloth, and shouldn’t be dried in the sun. Finally, clean them with soap. Books should be quickly dealt with. You can save them by freezing them inside vacuum freezers which remove any and all moisture. This protects them from major and long-term effects.

  • Restoring locks, walls, and wallpapers:

The locks in your home will need to be cleaned and reapplied with oil, and the same goes for the hinges on your walls. If you want to clean the walls or floors, you will need to use a detergent solution to rinse them and then wash them. This may be unsafe so make sure you are protected by wearing safety gloves. The walls should be left to dry before repainting is done. Wallpapers can be restored using pastes to reapply the wallpaper again. The wallpaper can be cleaned, but it shouldn’t be soaked as it would only cause more problems.

  • Replacing damaged money:

If you have lost money to water or fire damages, don’t worry just yet. You can save the bills by putting them in plastic bags. If less than half of the note is damaged, it may be replaced. You will need to take the money to the Federal Reserve. You can either take the notes to them or mail it to them. Coins can also be replaced in some cases.