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Water Extraction: 3 Ways a Technician Helps with Flooded Basements

water extraction

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Has your basement flooded? You should call a technician sooner rather than later. With effective water extraction techniques and advanced technology, technicians can provide the best strategy for preventing structural damage within your property. By removing trash and other forms of waste, technicians can help you sanitize your basement from growing bacteria. Now let’s take a look at three ways a technician can help if you have water in your basement: 

Effective Water Extraction

Technicians will use effective water extraction techniques to remove water from your property. Depending on your preference as well as your situation, your property will experience a drying process. The drying process may take a few days to complete. However, if your property suffers water damage, such items can take longer to dry. High-tech dehumidifiers are used to complete the drying process. Through each of the different stages, technicians will arrive at your property to take moisture readings and record every finding. Such techniques are requested most by homeowners since they are the fastest and provide precision when removing basement water. 

Advanced Technology 

Technicians have many tools that they use to extract basement water. For example, air handlers, dehumidifiers, and moisture monitors are just some of the tools technicians have available. With advanced technology, technicians gain great insight into how humid your basement is and at what rate your air is circulating. They can increase the rate of air circulation and boost humidity to improve the drying process. Also, with other water extraction tools, technicians can clean your basement floor and sanitize areas, so no overgrowth of bacteria occurs. 

Remove Trash 

Technicians can also remove trash from your basement. When outside floods occur, debris, mud, and sludge will often enter your basement. Technicians can remove this waste, along with any garbage that needs to be extracted. With high-tech pumps, technicians can extract thick fluids like mud before the water is removed. That way, it won’t hinder the drying process or take longer to complete. However, removing trash from your basement may lead to extra fees. But it’s best to have waste removed, for it causes bacteria to spread and mold to grow. If you leave the waste for a long period, it can produce an overgrowth of bacteria that can harm both you and your family. 

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