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Three Reasons Your Dirty Carpet is a Hazard

dirty carpet hazard

Do you have your carpet cleaned regularly? If not, then you might want to start investing in a cleaning service. While it might not be noticeable to the naked eye, carpets that are not thoroughly cleaned can pose a danger to you and your family. Carpets can hold dust, hair, mold, and other debris deep in their fibers, which over time can become harmful to your health. Don’t let your carpet become a dirty carpet hazard. Instead, call a carpet cleaning service if you see these signs. Here are three reasons your dirty carpets are affecting your health: 

Dirty Carpet Hazard #1: Can Weaken Your Immune System  

The immune system fights off unwelcome toxins and bacteria. Living in an unclean environment can put a strain on the body, which over time can affect immunity. When your carpets stay dirty, you can be exposed to harmful bacteria which can force your immune system to work harder. By overworking your immune system, you can be more susceptible to infections and diseases. In fact, one of the most threatening microbes that live in dirty carpets is mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are composed of a variety of different molds. When you’re exposed to mycotoxins, some symptoms you’ll likely see are stomach pain or allergies.

Dirty Carpet Risk#2: Can Cause Skin Problems  

Dirty carpets can cause an abundance of skin problems. Since many people take off their shoes and walk barefoot on the carpet’s surface, athlete’s foot is a common issue. Bacteria and fungi can be transferred to the foot via cuts, wounds, or other openings. Cleaning dirty carpets is a must if you want to walk barefoot on your carpet. Another skin problem from dirty carpets is skin asthma. The dust and dirt that are released from carpet fibers can trigger skin asthma attacks. 

Dirty Carpets Risk #3: Can Cause Respiratory Problems  

If your carpet is unclean, there’s a good chance it may be causing you respiratory problems. Since mold lives in dirty carpets, it can attract unhealthy bacteria. When you inhale, you’ll breathe in those harmful allergens. This can result in flu-like symptoms, as well as cause other respiratory problems. Dust mites are another source of respiratory problems. When they die and are left in between carpet fibers, they can cause eye irritation as well as rashes. Uncleaned carpets can also trigger asthma attacks. Due to environmental triggers like dust and mold, people with asthma might find it difficult to breathe around a carpet that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in some time.  

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