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St. Louis Carpet Cleaning: What Property Managers Should Know

Saint Louis carpet cleaning

Photo by Ran Berkovich on Unsplash

You are balancing multiple units of property in St Louis, whether apartments or stand-alone. Tenants have concerns about plumbing issues or other maintenance issues that require carpet cleaning. If you’re looking for St Louis carpet cleaning, there are several options out there. Do not assume that all carpet cleaning services are the same. To ensure your properties are in the best condition possible, here are carpet cleaning tips for property managers to consider.

What Does the Carpet Cleaning Process Include?

When selecting a service provider, read the fine print. Do they offer stain services, pre-vacuuming, or any added features? While property managers may simply be trying to prepare the unit for the next client, considering these options is important. Extending the life of that carpet can be money in your pocket long-term. Just cleaning a carpet without vacuuming it only moves dirt around underneath. Do they try to treat all stains the same during the basic general process and leave the rest? Finally, how long does the process take? If they are on a short clock due to a promo pricing, you may not get the quality needed to keep your carpets their best.

What Chemicals Do They Use?

There are many chemicals that could be used during the carpet cleaning process, depending on the service provided. What is critical is that an acidic conditioning rinse is applied near the end of the process. Why is this important? Since those chemicals are alkaline, it helps balance the cleaning products for the best result. Also, a good rule of thumb is to ensure that a grooming process was used by the service to helps the carpets dry faster and make the pile look nicer. You are going to need this property rented again at some point, and first impressions can matter.

What Warranty Does the Service Provide?

St Louis carpet cleaning services are plentiful, but not all companies offer a warranty. If you are not happy or concerns arise with the carpets, having a customer-driven organization doing the carpets matters. Knowing that your services carry a warranty and the company will make it right if need be can help your peace of mind. As a property manager, you are juggling several balls. Fighting with bad service providers who won’t guarantee their work should not be one of them.

Call Kelley Klean For Your St Louis Carpet Cleaning Needs

At some point you will have carpets that need a refresh and cleaning. When you consider your service partner of choice, give Kelley Klean’s certified personnel a call. Our services, processes, and warranty put us ahead of other providers. We are here to keep the carpets clean, and the tenants you service happy. Call us today!