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Smoke & Odor Removal

If you’ve experienced a fire on your property, it can be overwhelming to know where to turn. Even after the water damage has been mitigated, you still have soot, smoke, and odors lingering in the affected areas of your property.

At Kelley Klean, we’re a full-service restoration company that has special expertise in smoke and odor removal. We have helped hundreds of families and businesses back on their feet after experiencing a fire.

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effective smoke and odor removal

With the proper methods, stubborn smoke odors can be eliminated. 


Our team is certified in smoke damage restoration and we strive to keep our technicians and staff trained to meet any sized project.

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We’re on-call 24/7 for emergencies. We have the capabilities to take on any residential, commercial and industrial projects.

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To keep our competitive advantage, we stay efficient and aware of the safest and best tools available to restore your property.

Mid-Missouri’s Contractor of Choice

Offensive odors and soot damage can be devastating to a property. Take control of the situation by calling Kelley Klean. We’re equipped and ready to take on any sized smoke and odor removal project in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

Established in 1986, we understand the sense of urgency to clear and clean any type of affected area on your property. We’re dedicating to serving our neighbors in Columbia, Jefferson City, and other Central Missouri areas.

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See How Easy It Is To Transform Your Property After a Disaster

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Our team of technicians will arrive on site and quickly begin removing your salvageable items and taking inventory.

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We use the most advanced resources in the industry to remove smoke odors and soot on every inch of your property.

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You can relax knowing your property is returned to a safe, smoke-free environment.

Soot Removal

Many times property owners will confuse soot removal with smoke removal. Once the fire has dissipated, the soot is what is left behind.

There are two forms of soot – oily and dry. Both require different methods to clean. At Kelley Klean, our experts will be able to identify the type of soot and adjust our cleaning processes accordingly.

Oily Soot: Choosing a product that can act as a degreaser is the first step in eliminating oil soot. Since this type of soot has an oily base, it’s important to use a product that serves as a degreaser, but is also gentle on the indoor air quality of the property. Most degreasing agents that you can find over-the-counter are harsh and require special protective clothing to use. At Kelley Klean, we have made a commitment to using plant-based products, which prevents fumes and other hazardous conditions that can adversely affect the indoor air quality of your property.

Dry Soot: Special dry sponges are highly effective in targeting dry soot. Our technicians are trained in the right techniques to clean the soot while preventing extra damage to the affected areas.

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Odor Removal

When a fire occurs on your property, smoke odors are typically present. Depending on the kind of odor present, our removal tools will differ. However, we have invested in several tools which break apart the molecular structure of the odor present. This enables the odor to disperse completely, removing the smell at its source.

Inexperienced restoration companies will use equipment that only masks the odor, or worse, will use old and dated equipment that requires you to leave your property for an extended period of time.

When you choose Kelley Klean however, we will use equipment and supplies that do not interrupt your normal daily routine. Our goal is to get in and out quickly so that you can get back to more pressing items on your agenda.

Regardless of the type of odor in your property, we can handle your unique situation. Over our 35 years in the restoration business, we have dealt with odors from animal hoarding, bio-hazardous situations, smoke as well as other harmful conditions.

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