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Six Signs You Have a Leak on Your Property

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Diagnosing a water leak isn’t always obvious. Leaks aren’t always a cartoon-like spray of water from a kitchen sink. If they’re underground, inside a wall, or they appear intermittently, it can take a while to realize what’s happening. Know the signs you have a leak so when clues pop up, you catch them.

1. Water Pooling on the Ground

Disregard this advice if it has rained recently. Otherwise, pay attention to pools of water that appear outside. An underground water leak will load the soil with water and turn your landscaping into a swamp. If you haven’t upped the irrigation and it hasn’t rained, pools of water are something to watch out for!

2. Sudden Loss of Water Pressure

If you notice a sudden loss of water pressure, a leak could easily be to blame. Water trickling out is never a good sign. It’s best to turn off your water until you have a definitive answer as to the cause of your water pressure problems. It’s better to call the plumber for these really clear signs.

3. Mold Growth Without Apparent Cause

Mold growth is a less definitive sign of a leak, but for minor problems it may be your first clue. Living in a humid climate complicates “diagnosis by mold,” but it’s still possible. Mold grows in damp places. If there is a small leak in your pipes inside a wall or ceiling, it may be making your wall or ceiling damp. This allows the mold to get a foothold there and grow where it doesn’t in other places. If you have a persistent mold problem, check for a deeper reason behind it.

4. Spike on Your Water Meter

Sometimes a leak isn’t noticeable to you, but it’s still eating the water. If you experience a spike in your water consumption, check for a leak before contesting the bill. Leaks can run up huge bills in a short period of time, so turning off the water and having the system looked at is your best chance at stopping another huge bill next month.

5. Introduction of Dirt in Water Supply

If you have clear water that suddenly turns cloudy, it could be a sign of a leak. Signs you have a leak include a loss of water purity. There’s a break somewhere in your pipes that’s letting dirt in and water out. There are other causes of cloudy water, and even of dirt (and rust) in the line, so a leak isn’t your only option. It will take a professional to tell what’s really wrong with your line.

6. Hissing In Your Pipes

If you hear a rush of static every time you open your tap, you probably have a leak. The vibrations of water leaking out and air getting in cause pipes to rattle, hiss, even clank! The leak could be small, or it could be severe; hissing is a clear sign that you have a leak.

Knowing the signs you have a leak could save you a lot of money and water loss. Finding a leak early reduces the water damage your property sustains. If you suspect a leak, shut off the water and call a plumber right away.