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Signs of Water Damage You May Not Recognize

signs of water damage

Photo by JF Martin on Unsplash

When natural disasters, air conditioning issues, or burst pipes cause water damage, the extent of the issue may not be clear at once. Individuals may choose to try and clean the obvious damage in the walls and ceiling themselves and assume they are good to go. Unfortunately, there are other signs of water damage to check for that may require specialized cleanup. Please remember that this is when you know the water damage is there. These same signs may happen when you did not realize you had water damage, and they should never be ignored.

Walls and Floor Issues

This is normally the first and most obvious sign that you see. Stains that look like dried water or dripping water may appear. Paint might start peeling or bubbling. Walls or ceilings may appear to sag or droop as water collects.  Drywall can become saturated from a leak behind the wall, which causes this “bubbling” look. Ensuring you bring in a specialist who can determine the root cause of these symptoms is critical. Leaving this small sign to grow only causes the problem to continue to worsen and increases the costs of fixing it down the road. 

Floor Concerns

Just as with walls and ceilings, water may pool underneath flooring or in the basement of a home. When the water starts to seep up, it will cause dampness or pooling of water to occur. Depending on how the home is situated, water will pool at the lowest point in the base of the home. This will cause the water to seep up underfoot in those areas. Please note that simply dry vacuuming these spots may not be enough to get rid of all the water. A specialist may need to come in with equipment designed to ensure the water is completely removed.

Odor Might Be A Warning

It might not be an obvious floor moisture or wall sign, but a suspicious odor can warn of water damage. As water stagnates in dirty floors and walls, it will continue to develop a smell. This is usually described as a “musty” or “earthy” smell. Finding the source of the smell should be done as soon as possible, as letting it grow could cause mold.

Mold Growth

This may be a hidden result of water damage, which starts to become visible. If you see tiny splashes of color in corners of the house that look like fuzzy discolorations, get them looked at by a mold remediation expert. Spores can become airborne. As a result, finding these tiny growths in out-of-the-way places is not unheard of and might be a sign of a much bigger issue. Mold can cause extensive house repair issues and significant health issues for humans. Do not dismiss this sign of water damage as a small concern.

Contact Kelley Klean For Help 

Whether you’re aware of a water damage concern or see signs appearing trying to warn of hidden issues, pay attention to water damage. Sagging walls, ceilings, dampness on floors, or mold clusters appearing should all trigger you to have your house examined. Do not try to “fix” these issues yourself. Bring in a professional company like Kelley Klean to ensure you fix it right the first time. The long-term effects of leaving water damage unchecked can be huge house repair bills or even health impacts.