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The Real Dirt In Your Carpets

Photo by meredith hunter on Unsplash

Photo by meredith hunter on Unsplash

Frequent vacuuming of your carpets can not take the place of hiring a professional cleaning service.   Sweeping or vacuuming of your carpets can not only damage the carpet fibers, but can release hazardous debris like dust, mites, and harmful organisms into the air you breathe. The only way to make sure your carpets are clean is by hiring a professional service.

Carpets suffer more than wear and tear

Every time you walk on your carpet, you tend to push down the dirt and bacteria literally trapping it deep in the fibers of your carpet.  The average 3 bedroom home accumulates up to 30 pounds of dirt, and filth in a year.  Your vacuum cleaner pick up the surface dirt and dust, but it cannot clean the things that are lurking below.

 Dirt and bacteria you can’t see

Here is what you will find hiding deep within your carpets:

  • Dust mites – they produce large amounts of microscopic waste. The harmful allergen created by dust mites comes from their fecal pellets and body fragments.  For those with asthma or sensitivities to dust mites, ongoing exposure is dangerous.
  • Bacteria – The main sources of bacteria in carpet are from the soles of shoes and the feet of pets. The carpet forms the ideal conditions for the growth of bacterial colonies. This is especially true in carpet that is not properly cleaned.
  • Allergens – Seasonal allergens such as pollen, dander, and spores enter through windows, doors, and are tracked in by pets and People.  These allergens get stuck in the carpet fibers and get ground in.
  • Pet Hair, Dander, and Fleas– If you own a pet, you are aware that it sheds fur, and can have fleas. One flea can lay 40 to 50 eggs per day.   The dander, fur, and flea eggs drop on your carpets and become embedded in the fibers where they hide from your vacuum.
  • Human skin flakes – The average person sheds 1.5 million microscopic skin flakes daily. These skin flakes scatter throughout your home and often settle deep in the carpet weave creating ideal conditions for bacterial growth.
  • Food and drink remnants – no matter how quickly you catch a spill after it occurs, remnants drip down into carpet fibers and infiltrate your carpets weave. This can grow bacteria and attract bugs.

The solution to your problem

The only way to be sure of having truly clean and hygienic carpets is to enlist the services of a professional carpet cleaning service.  Finding a reliable and trustworthy service is as easy checking references.  Friends and family may recommend someone they use.  The BBB and servicemen websites can also help.

They most reliable tip is to look for the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) LOGO displayed along with their name.  This assures you that they have earned this certification by meeting a rigorous list of standards in both business and ethics expertise.  This is a symbol of technical proficiency that distinguishes IICRC technicians from the rest.