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Mold Removal: 3 Ways to Reduce Mold in Your Home

Removing mold is never fun, but with these three tricks, mold removal has never been so easy. From drying wet areas quickly to managing your indoor humidity, reducing mold can be a quick and painless process. All it takes is some knowledge of airflow and an understanding of moisture to decrease your mold growth. Now let’s take a look at three ways to reduce mold in your home: 

Mold Removal Tip #1 Dry Wet Areas Immediately  

Drying wet areas as soon as they appear is essential in mold removal. Mold cannot grow without moisture, so it’s vital to clean up any wet areas immediately. Whether it’s leakage from a pipe or an accumulation of rain in your basement, you should dry the area within 24 to 48 hours. However, daily matters need your attention too. Wet laundry, for instance, can contribute to the spread of mold through your home. If you don’t leave wet items lying around your house, mold will less likely spread through your home. 

Mold Removal Tip #2 Manage Your Indoor Humidity  

High humidity produces excess moisture, which can lead to mold down the line. It’s best to keep your indoor humidity between 30 and 60 percent. You can measure your indoor humidity rates by purchasing a moisture meter at the hardware store. However, some high-tech thermostats have a moisture meter located in their analysis settings. So depending on what thermostat you own, you might not have to purchase anything additional. 

Mold Removal Tip #3 Improve Airflow In Your Home

Improving the airflow in your home is crucial in mold removal. Without proper airflow, excess moisture may appear on your walls, floors, or windows. If it does, mold also may spread throughout your home. To improve the airflow in your house, you can open doors between rooms, move furniture away from walls, or even let in fresh air. If you implement these tricks, it’s unlikely you’ll experience mold within your home in the future.

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