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Mold Removal

Mold remediation is necessary to protect your home and business from possible health issues. Typically, mold in small doses is not an issue. However, a small amount will turn into a major issue if not addressed properly on the front end. We want to ensure you get a handle on your mold problem before it turns into a more stressful, health-threatening situation.

At Kelley Klean, we’re a full-service restoration company with experience in restoring properties that experience a mold problem. Our trained specialists use advanced equipment and techniques to help keep mold growth under control in any indoor space.

Expert Mold Removal

Have confidence knowing the mold and the cause of the mold growth has been stopped. 


Our team is certified in effective mold remediation. We strive to keep our technicians and staff trained to meet any sized project.

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To keep our competitive advantage, we stay efficient and aware of the safest and best tools available to restore your property.

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We ensure that you are informed every step of the mold remediation process and aren’t finished until you are 100% satisfied.

Mid-Missouri’s Contractor of Choice

If you detect a strange smell, or start seeing spots on your walls, ceilings or building materials, then you may have a mold issue. Kelley Klean was established in 1986 and has taken on countless mold remediation projects over the years. 

The contractor of choice in Mid-Missouri, we service the Columbia, Jefferson City, and Central Missouri areas. Our office staff is on-hand to answer any questions or to provide you with a quick and accurate estimate.

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We’ll arrive on site equipped and ready to tackle any mold problem.

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Our technicians will use advanced mold removal methods on affected areas and keep you updated throughout the process.

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Make sure you address any plumbing leaks immediately. A little bit of water will not create a hazardous situation. However, small bits of damage consistently over a long period of time will create the ideal situation for mold.

Improperly maintained HVAC systems will contribute to a prime environment for mold growth. The culprit? Unattended HVAC drip pans. Over time these pans overflow, exposing additional moisture to the environment and creating an optimal atmosphere for mold spore colonization.

There must be proper ventilation with any kind of equipment or appliance present in a building to prevent mold colonization. In nearly three decades of service, Kelley Klean has seen countless vents misdirected. This causes moist, hot air to vent into dark hidden spaces rather than outside. Unfortunately, this costly construction mistake creates a prime environment for mold growth if not rectified properly.

 Maintaining an environment in your home or commercial building of 30%-50% relative humidity (RH) will help curb mold growth and mold colonization. If your building is located in an environment of high humidity, then try to keep RH levels below 60%. Investing in advanced HVAC systems or dehumidification options will assist in keeping the air dry and RH levels low.

Properties We Service

Residential Mold Remediation

Mold thrives in dark, damp, spaces within your home. Unfortunately, those spaces are hidden and can be hard for a typical homeowner to detect. With the help of trained professionals, hidden mold issues can be detected and addressed if necessary.

Depending on your insurance policy, you may be able to file a claim with your company. We can take on projects of all sizes, and have worked with all kinds of insurance companies over the years. Because of this, we have established a strong rapport with most agencies, which allow us to help your mold remediation claim along.

Commercial Mold Remediation

The stakes are higher in commercial mold situations since there are larger numbers of occupants and more square footage. A mold problem can also potentially disrupt business if it isn’t dealt with quickly.

Industrial Mold Remediation

The presence of mold will be extremely hazardous to your employees, your inventory and your products. If mold infiltrates into your facility, it will lead to thousands of dollars in inventory being damaged, if not worse.

The key is to catch mold issues early. It is common for mold to be present in small doses, but when it gets out of hand, it will create hazards for all coming into contact. We understand the certain nuances that are specific to industrial facilities and will ensure the job is done correctly- no matter your facility size.

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Mold Remediation

Photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash

Photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash

Mold can creep into your residence very subtly. It may be there for months before you see the first signs in your bathroom or in some obscure corner of your home. Because of the health risks to the occupants, people look upon it almost as a house-cancer.  Remediation may be a great concern to you also because it’s another unexpected expense.  Knowing some of the factors that affect the cost of removing the unwanted bio hazard can help you in the search for the right professional service. Here are some of the things you need to know:

1) First, the size of the affected area is a big factor. It’s one of the first considerations when trying to figure out the cost of mold remediation. The larger the property size, the greater the cost usually is. Inspecting the entire premises is an important first step in mold remediation services because mold spores are easily transferred. When your home takes water damage, the restoration service team will take steps to make sure mold doesn’t take hold at that location, so that would be the last place you should expect it to start.
Mold often begins in some hidden place – such as inside a will or under a floor, where a small pipe leak is slowly letting out moisture. When restoring water damage, many services will use infrared sensors to check for hidden pockets and clean them before the infestation has a chance to spread.

2) Removal costs more than a clean-up, depending upon the severity of the mold infestation; this too will affect the cost of remediation services. If all you need is a simple cleaning, the restoration people can come in with high-grade antimicrobial products and scrub-brushes and … voila! Mold is gone. But when they have to remove and replace larger portions of drywall and/or carpeting, this will drive up the cost because of labor and purchasing fresh replacement materials.

3) The type of mold (black mold or some other fungal infestation) is another factor the remediation service will take into consideration. Also, the source of the water damage that caused the mold to grow. Remediating mold caused by a burst pipe is usually cheaper than when it is brought on by sewage backup or other water contaminated by a hazardous substance. The greater the hazard the more precautions there are that must be recognized by the technicians to reduce health risks to themselves during the cleanup procedures.

4) When mold is found in the HVAC system, things get more complicated. The removal procedures become more costly in this case because not only must the ducts be cleaned and sanitized (or replaced), but the heating and air conditioning systems must be wholly treated as well.

5) Dealing with insurance claims can be tricky. Mitigating the costs of mold remediation is possible if you have the right kind of coverage listed in your homeowner’s policy.  Some insurance companies list water damage without the mold remediation. Others may cover mold but only within certain circumstances. If mold is listed in your policy, then it is important to know how to submit a claim.  Best case scenario, find a remediation service that works directly with the insurance company through the claim filing process.