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Why Late Fall is the Best Time to Have Your Carpet Cleaned

Photo by Mike Burke on Unsplash

Photo by Mike Burke on Unsplash

The best time to have your carpet cleaned is in late autumn for a number of reasons. A late fall carpet-cleaning gets your business or home ready for the holidays and it can help to clean out allergens left over from summer and the change in seasons. Late autumn is also a good time to alternate with the spring cleaning period so your carpet is in great shape all year long.

Prepare for Holiday Hosting

The holidays are a high traffic time for your carpets. Getting them cleaned just before the influx of new traffic is the best thing that you can do. Cleaning your carpets in late fall will check a box off your to-do list before holiday events. It will help your space look welcoming. Cleaning before hosting kills two birds with one stone.

Tackle the “Second Spring” Allergies

Allergy sufferers have the hardest time in spring when everything in the world is blooming. The autumn, however, can be a kind of “second spring” for allergy sufferers. There are some plants that bloom later in the year. As the weather changes, allergy sufferers spend more time inside. If their space hasn’t been properly cleaned, old allergens might still be polluting the air. Fibers can trap pollen and other allergy triggers. Cleaning out the air filters in heating/cooling systems and deep cleaning the carpets can go a long way towards easing someone’s symptoms.

Even if you’re not an allergy sufferer, it makes sense to clean out all the old gunk and give your property a good start. Letting things build up in your carpet is likely to make it more difficult for you to get it fully clean next time. Regular professional cleaning will keep your carpet looking like new!

Clean Twice a Year

The transitional season leading to the cold winter months is the best time to have your carpet cleaned. It gives your carpet a fresh start, cleans out old allergens, and prepares your space for any holiday hosting duties. However, most carpets should be professionally cleaned twice a year to maintain their good condition. A professional carpet cleaning prevents stains from becoming ground-in and set. Most people naturally have their carpets cleaned in the spring or early summer. Your carpet will need it then as well: a winter’s worth of muddy boots and people staying inside will have left it in need of sprucing up. Having your carpet cleaned in the late fall and early summer provides as close to six months between cleanings as possible, so your carpet stays fresh.

Consider this season as the best time to have your carpet cleaned. Extend your carpet’s life with some care this fall!