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Jefferson City Storm Readiness Tips

Heeding Jefferson City storm readiness tips could be the difference between a narrow miss and a full disaster. Missouri storms are seldom gentle. As winter’s grip tightens, turn your attention to weathering the weather. These tips will help keep you, your family, and your home or business safe this storm season.


Photo by Bethany Fankhauser on Unsplash

Photo by Bethany Fankhauser on Unsplash

1. Put together an emergency kit

This tried and true classic tip is probably not new to you. People tend to assume they don’t need an emergency kit. If they intend to shelter in place, they already have everything that they need, right? Wrong. The point of an emergency kit is to have everything you need in one place. Put together a hamper of nonperishable food, clean drinking water, and a few days’ of essential medications. If you have to evacuate or shelter in a cellar, this kit will be the one thing you grab on your way.

You can also expand the emergency kit idea. Put together a collection of tarps and tools. If a storm blows in a window or a tree hits your house, you can put together a stop-gap solution until an emergency contractor can arrive. Bundling up what you need in one place allows you to react quickly.

2. Prepare an alternative heat source

Assume that your power isn’t going to handle a real storm. Jefferson City storm readiness depends on being able to survive a dangerous storm as well as a common one. Keep your family toasty by putting together an alternative heat source. A generator or a fireplace are both common choices. Just make sure that you (and your family) know how to work either choice. Also keep firewood or fuel on hand to power your heat!

3. Review local emergency procedures

Jefferson City storm readiness doesn’t rely entirely on you! There are many programs dedicated to helping families and businesses through the storms. Missouri’s Read in 3 Family Safety Guide is a state-wide resource that will go into detail about preparing your emergency plans. No Jefferson City storm readiness advice would be complete without telling you to reach out to your city. Learn which emergency shelter is closest to your home and your business so you can reach it in a crisis.

4. Winterize your pipes

Commercial buildings are particularly at risk for burst pipes in the winter. They are typically unoccupied late at night and early in the morning, when freezing chances are greatest. A leak that starts on a Friday afternoon may not be caught until Monday morning. Winterize your pipes by wrapping exposed pipes to protect them from the cold. If you can, keep the heat running in your business at a low level even over the weekend. A burst pipe will be more expensive than a raised electricity bill.

5. Have a plan

Once you have your emergency kits together and you know what your options are, put together plans. You should have plans for your family at home, and plans on what to do if you’re all scattered when a storm hits. Decide on a location to meet if you’re separated. If you can, install a storm readiness program at your business so everyone can stay safe (and productive) leading up to a big Jefferson City storm. Readiness is always important.

These tips should help you prepare for the coming cold. Focus on heat, and plan, plan, plan. In an emergency, you won’t think clearly. Build a plan so you don’t have to.