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The Importance of HVAC Duct Cleaning

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Clean Home with Duct Cleaning Skitterphoto | Pixabay

Your HVAC works hard throughout the entire year. During the summer it cools your home, and in the winter it warms it. Since your heating and air conditioning unit works all year long, having regular maintenance done is critical. One part of HVAC maintenance is regular duct cleaning. Besides making your HVAC ducts clean, there are other benefits of air duct cleaning.

Air Quality

Your air ducts operate as the lungs of your home. Just like your lungs, the ducts take air in and out. During the day, air ducts circulate dirt, dander, and dust through them. Over time, all the contaminants build up in your HVAC ducts and cause the air quality in your home to decrease. Build up can lead to health issues, most commonly respiratory issues. Cleaning your ducts removes the harmful contaminants and restores good air quality.

Saves Energy

The same contaminants that cause poor air quality in your home are the same ones that make your HVAC unit work harder. A harder working HVAC system uses more energy and often wastes it as well. The extra energy used to heat or cool your home usually results in higher utility bills. Therefore, not only are you wasting energy, but you are paying more for it. You can save money in the long run by regularly cleaning your HVAC ducts. An air duct cleaning ensures the removal of all contaminants and that your HVAC unit isn’t working overtime.

Removes Smells and Odors

Having a smelly home is not very welcoming to your guests. If you have a smelly home and cannot find the culprit, more than likely it is your air duct system. The containment that builds up in your duct system does not smell like roses. The complete opposite is true. Containments in your duct system are smelly and create your whole house to smell when your ducts blow out air. Having an air duct cleaning done restores a pleasant smell to your home and is more welcoming to your guests.

Cleaner Home

Dirty air ducts cause the dust in your home to build up over time. As dust gathers in your ducts, the air blows it around a room because it has nowhere else to go. From there, the dust blows around the room and begins to settle on your carpets, surfaces, and furniture. You will start to find yourself dusting every few days or even more frequently if your ducts are very dusty. Cleaning your air ducts regularly not only reduces the dust in your duct system but also in every room.

Clean Your Ducts

There are many benefits to cleaning your duct system. From saving money to breathing cleaner air, having an air duct cleaning is a no-brainer. If you are ready to make your home clean and welcoming again, then it is time to contact the professionals. A professional air duct cleaning goes deeper than just dusting your ducts. For more information or to schedule an HVAC duct cleaning call Kelley Klean. Kelley Klean does a deep cleaning of all your air ducts and makes sure that your home is safe and guest friendly again.