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How to Protect Your Carpet


FlashBuddy | Pixabay

When you build your first home or when you are updating a preexisting home, you spend a lot of time picking out the perfect carpet. Carpet not only takes time to choose, but it is also a big investment. The last thing you want to have to do after a few years is to replace your carpets. If you want to extend the life of your carpets, there are certain things you can do to protect them.

Vacuum Regularly

You carpets are a trap for anything that is floating in the air. Things like dust, dirt, animal hair, and pollen all get trapped in your carpets. If these contaminants are not taken care of, then they will start to break down the carpet fibers. Regular vacuuming eliminates these contaminants. In lower-traffic areas, it is best to vacuum once a week; for medium-traffic areas, it is best to vacuum twice a week; and for higher-traffic areas, it is best to vacuum daily.

Use Floor Mats

Your home sees a lot of traffic, from your children coming in from playing outside to you coming home from work. More traffic means more dirt is tracked into your house. The dirt that comes into your home on your family’s shoes gets ground down into the carpets’ fibers. Dirt gives your carpets a worn-out and less vibrant look. Foot traffic not only brings in the dirt, but anyone’s shoes can bring in bacteria and other toxins. Having floor mats allows you to reduce the amount of dirt, bacteria, and toxins that come into contact with your carpets.

Think Twice Before Using Cheap Carpet Cleaners

Saving money is great. However, you sometimes run into only saving money in the short run and not the long run. Buying cheap cleaners can cause you to spend more money in the future. Whether you find a DIY cleaner or buy a carpet-cleaning machine, the short-term savings may turn into spending more over time. Certain DIY cleaning solutions are bad for your carpets. In some cases, DIY cleaning causes more harm than good. When using a carpet- cleaning machine more water is let out, which means your carpets are wet for a longer amount of time. When your carpets take longer to dry, the mold is more likely to grow. It is best to always dry your carpets as quickly as possible.

Regular Carpet Cleanings

While regular vacuuming removes some of the contaminants, it does not eliminate all of them. It is best to have a regular carpet cleaning to ensure all of the contaminants within your carpets are taken care of. Professionals have better and stronger equipment to deep-clean your carpets. Moreover, no matter how many times you may try to clean up a spill, it may not completely go away. With their specialized knowledge and equipment, professional carpet cleaners can remove all those stains from your carpets. If you want to take the best step in protecting your carpets, then contact Kelley Klean. We will make sure your carpets have a long and vibrant life.