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How To Prevent Flood Damage

Flood damage is scary. Your possessions are important, and water can create permanent destruction. It may seem that things are out of your control, but there are a few things you can do to prevent flood damage and see to it that your most precious belongings stay safe. You can find out the risk of your area sustaining flood damage; look up the flood history; and move your irreplaceable treasures to high ground.

Know Your Risk of Flood Damage

Each area of your home’s flood risk is critical knowledge. When arranging valuable things, keep in mind how flood damage would affect them. If there is a flood season where you live, adapt to it, and don’t be afraid to change a few things up in the name of caution. In the end, it is crucial to know your area’s flood risks, so you can then prepare accordingly.

Move Valuables to High Ground

When preparing for a flood, this cannot be stressed enough. The number-one flood damage mishap is keeping valuable things in the basement or on the ground level. The safe bet is your attic for safekeeping. If there is any risk of a flood, do not risk the well-being of your belongings. Get everything you love to high ground.


Find your breaker box and switch off the power to any part of your home that may flood. Water does not have to reach your outlets to become hazardous. Do not switch off the power while standing in a pool of water, and if the water is going towards your electrical entrance box, have the electricity cut off by calling the power supplier. It is vital to stay alert and keep every room safe from flood damage.

Anchor Hazardous Items To Prevent Flood Damage

Large outside items need to be anchored down to prevent floating away. Barrels, fuel tankers, and anything that poses the threat of further damage should be tied down. Keeping your outside as safe and prepared as your inside is the best way to prevent flood damage.

Contact Kelley Klean For Help With Flood Damage

There are numerous significant steps to reducing your risk of damage. Among the most important is keeping your irreplaceable possessions in a safe and high environment. It is tough to lose things that we can replace, but the items we can’t are devastating losses. Besides protecting your belongings, keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Shut down the power if necessary and keep things tied down outside. If you have damage and need a quality restoration company call Kelley Klean. Professionals are waiting to serve you with whatever restoration or flood problem you have.