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How To Prepare for Wind Damage in Missouri

Wind damage in Missouri Photo Free-Photos / Pixabay

Wind damage in Missouri is very common. It can lead to costly repairs for your home if the right precautions aren’t taken. Not sure what you should do? Take a look at these tips for preparing for a large storm with wind damage.

Reinforce or Upgrade Your Shutters and Garage Doors

The first thing you want to do is reinforce the outside of your house. You need to make it as hard as possible for wind to do damage inside your home. This means reinforcing shutters over your windows and making sure your garage door closes tightly. These should be done way before a huge storm, so think about doing this in the spring or summer to prepare for the windier months. Shutters can be upgraded through your local restoration company. And when they are installed, make sure they’re held down by six nails to ensure they’ll stay put. Garage doors should be inspected for cracks or damages and repaired as well.

Trim Your Trees and Other Shrubbery

Once your house is secure, you should take a look at your yard for anything that might become airborne in the event of high winds. Look out for low-hanging branches, loose shrubberies, and other things that could fly into your house and cause damage. Take the time to trim your trees, your lawn, and keep your yard as clean as you can. This is a year-round job that you should definitely keep up even during the windier months.

Watch the Weather Channel for Major Wind Warnings

Once it’s the season for high winds, keep an eye on your weather channel for forecasts of windy storms or high winds in general. The best prevention method is preparation. Once you know that a storm is coming, you can do everything in your power to prevent damage. Know, however, that damage may still come. The knowledge of a storm will also make it possible for you to take quick action should an emergency occur.

Bring In Outside Furniture Before a Storm

After you’ve been warned of a storm or a windy day is the time to do the final preparations. Anything that might be knocked over or run into your house by wind should be brought indoors. Wind damage in Missouri can happen from patio furniture crashing into houses – or even something small, like lawn gnomes, being picked up by the wind and flying into windows. To be on the safe side, take in everything you think might cause damage if it hits your house.

Unfortunately, damage can still happen even when you are prepared. In the case of wind damage, call Kelley Klean to come to repair your home. At Kelley Klean, we see a lot of wind damage in Missouri and are on call 24/7 to lend a hand. You can contact us at 573-214-0990.