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How To Know When It’s Time To Hire A Hoarder Cleanup Crew

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Did you know that more than 3 million Americans suffer from hoarding? Hoarding is a psychological disorder that can leave homes untidy, unhealthy, and a dangerous place to be. A hoarder cleanup crew, like the one at Kelley Klean, can help you or your loved one get their home back to a livable space. How do you know when it’s time to hire a hoarder cleanup crew? Read on to learn more.

Hoarders Become Distressed With The Thought Of Parting With Items

Someone who suffers from hoarding will have a major issue at the thought of getting rid of their things. It’s one of the biggest signs they have a problem. For hoarders, their things feel like an extension of themselves. They find comfort in having these items, even if they’ll never use them.

For example, a hoarder may have old newspapers piling up in their living room but refuses to throw them out. Often just the mention of getting rid of these items can result in distress or a fight. When they have reached this point, it’s time to seek help, especially if they are starting to run out of safe space in their home. The first step is calling a discreet hoarder cleanup crew to come in.

Hoarders Don’t Allow Outsiders Into Their Home

Most often, hoarders take issue with anyone entering their home. They tend to know that their behavior is frowned upon and they don’t want to face embarrassment or ridicule, or even discuss it. If you are the family member of someone who suffers from hoarding, you may not even be fully aware of their issue. They could be in dire need of a hoarder cleanup crew and you wouldn’t even realize it.

Call A Hoarder Cleanup Crew If Someone Is In Danger

Hoarding is a dangerous habit. When someone hoards items in their home, they can create many obstacles and risks. Often the items cause a fire hazard, breed mold, or are simply dirty. Some individuals will hoard garbage. Overall, it makes the home unsafe to live in.

If the hoarder has small children or pets who are unable to fend for themselves, it’s definitely a good idea to get some help. Even if the hoarder lives alone, they are putting themselves at risk and need help getting out of it.

Hoarder Cleanup Crew In Mid-Missouri

If you live in Columbia, Jefferson City, or the central Missouri area and you want to help a hoarder, give us a call. We work closely with families to not only clean up the hoarded items but also find long-term help for the hoarder. We know how sensitive the situation can be and we want to help. Contact us today to learn more.