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How to Avoid Flooding from Plumbing Issues


Photo by Stevepb on Pixabay

Flood damage is one of the most common problems in a home or commercial property. In some cases, flooding is unavoidable due to inclement weather. We’ve written before about what you need to know about flood damage and steps to take if flooding occurs. Sometimes flood damage is out of your control, but there are many steps you can take to avoid flood damage from causes other than weather. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the drains and sewer lines are essential to avoid flooding from plumbing issues.

Flood Damage from Pipes

When flood damage starts inside your home or commercial property, you are probably dealing with leaky or broken pipes. Changes in pressure, severe cold, or improper installation can cause damage to your pipes. Broken pipes can flood your home in a matter of minutes and are pretty obvious. However, slow leaks can do just as much or even more damage over time because they often go undetected. Leaky pipes from your sinks, appliances, or other areas require a plumber to properly fix. If you notice water where it shouldn’t be, you should contact a plumber. If the leak has been going on for some time, we can help you with cleaning up from flood damage, mold buildup, or carpet cleaning.

Plumbing Issues with Appliances

Most people think of sinks and toilets when they think about plumbing issues. There are also lots of pipes in your home or commercial property from appliances. There are pipes and hoses connected to your washing machine, refrigerator, ice-maker, dishwasher, hot water heater, and other appliances in your home. Over time, these all require proper maintenance and cleaning to prevent flooding from these plumbing issues. Be especially careful when you are moving. It can be very easy to strip the hose connectors on your washing machine and send water shooting in every direction. When you are moving out of your home, the last thing you want to report to a new buyer is flood damage from disconnecting your washing machine. Take extra care and enlist professionals when needed.

Sometimes flooding is unavoidable, but not always! We’ve written before about Six Mistakes Homeowners Make That Cost Them Big In Flood Damage Repair. Make sure plumbing issues are on your radar. Work with a professional plumber to schedule regular, preventative maintenance on your pipes and appliances. Of course, if flood damage does occur, Kelley Klean is here to help you clean up as quickly as possible. Give us a call today at 573-214-0990. We are here for you!