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How Kelley Klean Can Aid Property Managers in Remediation

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Property managers work hard to balance a ton of different responsibilities all at once. Whether it’s finding new tenants, assisting existing tenants, working with staff, or a hundred other possibilities, it’s a tough job for one or a team to handle. One aspect that can be contracted out is sometimes the dirtiest: unit remediation. In today’s blog, we’ll review three ways that Kelley Klean can help property managers handle turning units from wrecked to beautiful.

When Property Managers Suspect Mold Damage

Mold is a dangerous inhabitant in any living space. It’s hard to detect, difficult to remove, and a serious health risk to anyone exposed to it. It’s likely that a tenant will report visible mold damage, or they will suspect that it’s present. If there’s even suspicion, contacting a mold remediation expert immediately is the smart decision. These trained professionals will test, locate, and develop a plan to remove mold from your property. They will also work to repair the damage as quickly and completely as possible.

When Floods or Fires Damage Property

Similarly, fires and floods can be detrimental to your property. While the damage will vary depending on the number of units involved and the severity of the event, acting quickly is essential. Once a fire is extinguished or the floodwaters have started to recede, removing all of the moisture as soon as possible is the best way to avoid mold formation. Hiring a remediation company like Kelley Klean gives you access to high-quality industrial equipment like HVAC dryers, dehumidifiers, and many others that work quickly and completely to remove hazards before they can present more significant risks.

When Tenants Break Leases and Property Managers Must Act

A tenant may skip out on their lease without paying the rent. In many cases, these tenants will leave a mess of their former units. After completing a walkthrough and detecting damage, contacting a remediation company will be the quickest way to complete the repair and replacement process. When selecting the right contracting company, it’s a good idea to ask for samples of their work or to solicit reviews from your network of contacts to ensure a quality repair will happen quickly. Every day that rental property is off the market is money lost.

Kelley Klean: A Property Manager’s Best Friend

In each of the ways we’ve discussed, Kelley Klean has been assisting property managers in the remediation process since 1986. If you need help, contact us immediately and we’ll be there as soon as we can. Don’t try to remediate your property on your own.