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Five Things Your Water Damage Restoration Team Wants You to Know

Water damage restoration teams are willing to jump in when there’s a mess to clean up. The team is there to assist you during the stressful and difficult time directly following a massive water leak in your home or business. Here are five things these teams wish they could tell you before the water leak, as you find the water leak and before you call on a water damage restoration team.

If It’s Clean Water, It’ll Be Ok

One of the major types of water damage is from clean water sources. For example, your leak could from a burst pipe or leaky plumbing. These sources typically contain clean water. Even though the cleaning process will take time, it will be alright in the end. With the right contractor, who has the right tools, cleaning up clean water spills is a problem with a solution.

If It’s Sewage, It’ll Be Ok (Just a Little More Tricky)

Once you realize there’s a leak in your home or business, you need to determine the source. For example, if you have a sewage leak, the cleanup will require more steps than a clean water leak. The most important thing to remember is that sewage water is going to contain all kinds of viruses and contaminants. If you discover a large sewage leak, call a professional. Don’t try to clean it up yourself.

The Water Damage Restoration Team Will Have a Response Process

Standing water, clean or sewage, can be terrifying. Remember that any expert you call to come in will make a plan first. Your water damage restoration team will assess the situation. From there, they work and communicate with you to make a clear plan of action. While what seems like inaction might be frustrating, trust the process.

Don’t Forget to Call the Insurance Company

Your first call upon discovering a massive water leak should be to a professional cleaning company. Your next call should be to your insurance company. Many insurance companies will work with a water damage restoration team to help cover the cost, either partially or entirely. Your insurance company will also help you file a claim. This will help you regain any costs associated with lost or damaged items.

A Solid Process Will Take Time, But It’s Worth It

It might seem like the cleanup process plan takes longer than seems reasonable. If you feel that way, ask the water damage restoration team for specifics. Many times there are dozens of steps to get your property as closely back to normal as can be. This process is often lengthy. That is only because the team wants to make sure that they get the job done right the first time.

If you find yourself in a position with a home, business or rental that’s flooded do yourself a favor and call a professional. Cleaning up water damage on your own can be challenging and sometimes downright impossible. Kelley Klean’s team has the tools and the manpower to help you clean up any type of water damage that might occur on your property or business.