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Five Business Cleaning Tasks Your Employees Can’t Handle

photo by jarmoluk- https://pixabay.com/en/users/jarmoluk-143740/

photo by jarmoluk- https://pixabay.com/en/users/jarmoluk-143740/

It’s not out of line to expect your employees to know how to push a broom around the break room. As long as you’re not trying to get them to tidy up during their time off the clock, it’s fine to expect them to do their part to keep your store, office, or other place of business clean. A hardworking staff can only go so far, however. It’s one thing to ask them to dust, and it’s yet another to ask them to tackle any of these five tasks. Sometimes you don’t need the lowest seniority employee to don an apron: sometimes you need a full service cleaning company to take on the mess.


1. Cleaning up hazardous chemicals

If you don’t work in an industry where hazardous chemicals are common, don’t ask anyone on your staff to deal with them. Call a cleaning company if a tub of cleaning supplies spills over the floor. You don’t want anyone to get hurt on the job. Be sure to get the area isolated, and then call in a full service cleaning company to deal with the crisis, only as needed.

2. Cleaning up hazardous waste

Asking an employee to pitch in and mop out the bathroom is one thing, but asking an employee to clean up sewage crosses a line of employee safety on the job. Untrained staff should never deal cleaning up with hazardous waste materials like sewage, bodily fluids, and bodily waste. There’s a large risk of contamination, and it can pose serious health risks when someone incorrectly disposes of it. Even if your staff member isn’t injured or sickened, they could be throwing it out improperly, and in turn pass that risk on to others.

3. Deep cleaning carpets and curtains

While the first two points have to do with the health and safety of your staff and others, this is a matter of economy. If you want to buy a steam cleaner and get people to clean the carpets on the clock, it can seem like you’re saving money. However, your employees aren’t going to know how to do things properly. When you factor in training, the time away from their actual tasks, and the poor job they’re going to do until they get the hang of it it’s just not worth the money to ask your staff to deep clean.

4. Mold eradication duties

If you find that you have a mold infestation, don’t get your employees involved. Call a full service cleaning company and make sure they have experience with mold. High density of mold spores causes health problems. Anyone with asthma, weak lungs, or even something as mild as a cold is going to be especially susceptible. Mold eradication is too important to risk with inexperienced workers.

5. Deep strains and water damage

Water damage and the deep stains that come with it need specialist attention. Your employees can sponge and mop all day, but they won’t repair the damage. Find a full service cleaning company or even a full blown water damage restoration company to get your business back in ship shape.

Call in the professionals

If you don’t run a full service cleaning company, don’t treat your staff like they work for one. You’re going to get better results for less money if you hire professional cleaners. Your employees do their part to keep the office or store clean. At the same time, don’t expect an untrained employee to know how to handle situations that involve hazardous chemicals or hazardous waste. Mold, deep stains, and water damage prove difficult for anyone, let professionals do what they do best. Call in the cleaning professionals to handle the tasks that are too much for your regular staff.