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Everyday Ways of Preventing Mold Growth in Your Garage

Photo by sydney zentz on Unsplash

Photo by sydney zentz on Unsplash

Mold is a kind of fungi that survives best in dark and moist conditions, both inside and outside the home. Sometimes, mold can enter the home through a variety of routes; it can come in through the door, the windows, and even through the people. Mold spores can stick to your clothing or shoes, and find its way inside the home. One place that is particularly vulnerable to mold growth is the garage, a part of the home that is both exposed to the environment, and to human interference. However, such growths can be prevented easily.

Why mold can easily grow inside the garage:

While your home on the inside is usually covered, your garage is often completely exposed to the outside environment, especially when it is opened. Add to that, there is almost never a seal between the edge of the door and the garage floor, providing an ideal area from where water can easily seep inside. The wet tires or shoes that you bring in through your garage can also add to the water content standing inside.

When you consider in reference to the kinds of objects that can usually be found in a garage, such as cardboard boxes, the picture portrayed is very frightening. This can become the best kind of environment that will promote mold growth, as mold thrives in such damp, dark areas with great surfaces such as mold where it can grow.

Removing mold from your growth:

Before mold is scrubbed clean, it is important to contain the area. This way you can prevent its spores from spreading to other parts of the garage during the cleansing process. You can clean out the area affected by the mold by cleaning it out with lukewarm water, spraying it with a cleaner or bleach, and finally scrubbing it with a brush.

Once all of that is done, the whole area will need to be dried completely to make sure that no mold is left behind. One important thing to keep in consideration when you are taking of mold by yourself is to make sure you are safe from any exposure by following certain precautions. If you are working with bleach, make sure you aren’t exposed to any fumes.

Calling in the professionals for mold removal:

One thing you can do when you see mold growing in your garage to ensure that all work is done properly, is to call up a professional mold remediation company. The company will send in a team who will help by analyzing the problem and working on a plan for the removal of that mold. Before this, you can also call up a mold tester who can help you decide how serious the problem is before you contact a remediation company.

Prevention of mold growth in the garage:

Mold growth can be prevented in the garage by many ways such as the removal of standing water, installment of a dehumidifier, the production of a proper ventilation system, use of mildew resistant paints, and the reduced use of cardboard boxes.