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dryer Vent Cleaning

There are over 15,000 dryer vent fires per year in the United States! The buildup of lint and debris year over year can clog your dryer vent, cause resistance and overwork your dryer. This additional static can cause your dryer to overheat and start a fire in your home.

Avoid the stress and devastation of a fire by taking immediate action to clean your dryer vents. Kelley Klean is a full-service restoration company that can easily clean your dryer vents while helping you to save money.

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The Kelley Klean Difference

Despite the water damage, soot damage and smoke damage, your property can be restored.

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We’re certified and know the best methods and techniques for the proper cleaning of your dryer vents.


Established in 1986, we have over 35 years of experience cleaning and restoring properties.

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Our staff of fully trained professionals will leave you 100% satisfied with our quality of work.

Kelley Klean Is Here For You

Our number one goal is the safety of your home, and we will communicate if we believe there may be any issues with your dryer vents. We will also identify the type of dryer vent present in your home, and if there are any obstructions that must be noted. Upon our findings, we can discuss the process of moving forward, removing any obstructions within your dryer line, and restoring your ductwork to its most optimal efficiency.

Servicing the Columbia, Jefferson City, and Central Missouri areas, we have over 35 years of cleaning experience. Established in 1986, Kelley Klean has worked in thousands of residential properties, with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction in our work. 

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Made Easy

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Benefits Of Dryer Vent Cleaning

There are tremendous benefits of cleaning your dryer vents. Dryer vents that haven’t been cleaned are working overtime and facing a large amount of resistance every time they’re turned on. Here are the following benefits of hiring a contractor to clean your dryer vents.

A clean dryer vent causes your dryer to utilize less energy to dry your clothes; cutting down on dry times and saving your money on your utility costs.

By removing trapped debris and lint within a dryer vent, you are going a long way to preventing a dryer fire in your home. With over 15,000 fires caused by dryers each year, cleaning your vent can be your first step in prevention.

When your dryer vents are properly cleaned, it allows a smooth path for air and moisture to escape from your dryer to the outdoors. The faster this process can occur, the quicker your clothes can dry.

Most people don’t realize that dryer lint is the preferred nesting agent of birds and rodents. Mice and rats collect dryer lint from the vent system, leaving droppings along the way. In addition, moisture from the dryer becomes trapped within the vent line, causing mold growth as well. Each time the dryer is used, bacteria, mold and possible viruses can be exposed to your clothing as it circulates from the dryer line back into the dryer.

When you pick up the phone to call Kelley Klean, we will send out a technician to conduct a thorough investigation of your dryer vent’s status. Many of our competitors will only clean 25% of the dryer vent; they simply do not have the proper tools to fully extract the full amount of lint and debris present in the line.