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Crawl Space Clean up

Have you ever smelled something funny as you walk through your home, and you just can’t figure out where it’s coming from? Perhaps it’s a dead animal smell, or a musty, moldy smell. Regardless, it’s something that should not be there and may indicate a problem in your crawl space or your attic.

Let’s face it: no one likes going into their attic or crawl space, and when there’s a bad odor or debris the task is even more undesirable. You no longer have to worry about climbing into those small places and getting dirty and stuck in spider webs – we’ll do it for you! 


Ease Your Crawl Space Concerns

Our trained professionals will do whatever it takes to make sure these hard-to-reach places are cleaned perfectly.

Eliminate the Hassle

Let our cleaning professionals handle the task of going into your crawlspace and determining what’s wrong.

Get Peace of Mind

We’ll check your crawl space for any signs of water damage or structural or foundation concerns.

Comprehensive Service

We’ll clear out debris, check for damage, and even check the condition of the plumbing beneath your home.

Stop Wondering What Lurks Below Your Home

Crawl spaces are often neglected, and in many cases homeowners don’t want to know what’s down there! But animals can find their way inside and make a big mess, or water damage can lead to structural issues or mold growth. 

It’s important to check your crawlspace regularly and call in a professional if you suspect any problems. Let our professionals take care of whatever’s down there for you!


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3 steps for Hassle-free Cralwl Space Clean Up

Get a Quote

We'll inspect your crawl space and provide an estimate for cleanup and repairs.

Get help

We'll clear away any debris from your crawl space including nests, burrows, and animal remains and check for any damage that wasn't visible before.

See the Difference

Regain your peace of mind knowing your crawl space concerns are taken care of!

Our Crawl Space Cleanup Process

After making a call to Kelley Klean, a cleaning professional will come to your home and make an assessment. Based on our findings, we will be able to give you an estimate on the services that you will need in order for them to complete the task.

After the assessment has been made, a time and date will be scheduled for the clean up to take place. Then, you’re just a couple steps closer to a clutter-free existence. On the day of the initial clean up we will start to clear the clutter away and rid the space of any debris left behind by animals. This may include burrows, nests, and possibly animal remains.

With our industrial cleaning equipment, we have the ability to clean in places that most companies would miss. We take extra time to notice the smallest of details and want to make sure your home is exactly how you want it to be. Nobody should settle for second best when it comes to the place they feel the safest.

Once the area is cleared out, we’ll check the structure and foundation for any signs of damage. We’ll also make sure that there is no water damage to your home from a leaking or broken water pipe. We’ll even check your pipes for signs of aging that can result in leaks.

You can hire any kind of company to clean out your crawl space, but we go above and beyond to ensure your home is clean, safe, and free of any problems. Put your mind at ease and say goodbye to anything lurking in your crawl space. Give us a call today!

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