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photo by annawaldl-https://pixabay.com/en/users/annawaldl-3773640/

photo by annawaldl-https://pixabay.com/en/users/annawaldl-3773640/

When your business is affected by a disaster such as flooding, fire, sewerage, wind, mold and even trauma, once the disaster has passed, you want to get your business up and running as fast as possible to mitigate loss of income. Some of the main services that may need to be established to start with include emergency power, emergency HVAC, Fire Watch, Security Watch, Roof Tarping, boarding up of windows and door spaces.

If you do not already have an emergency plan in place to deal with disaster management at your place of business to reduce loss of goods as well as being able to get functioning as a business as soon as possible after a disaster, you should put one in place as soon as possible.  Sometimes it is a good option to choose a professional commercial restoration company to assist you in detailing your emergency plan.  This also means that you would only have one service provider you need to call in the case of a disaster besides the authorities, and the commercial restoration company will deal with all of the rest.

Once the main aspects of disaster management have been taken care of and procedures are in place to reduce any further loss or damage, the next step in the process can start, the clean up and repairs.  The restoration aspects involved include fire, water and wind damage, mold and asbestos remediation, impact restoration, odor remediation, decontamination, sewerage clean up, boarding up of exposed areas, covering of damaged roof areas as well as some contents restoration where possible. Your disaster plan should take all of these aspects into account so that no matter what disaster strikes, you have a plan in place on how to deal with it and reduce your commercial losses.

Commercial restoration companies are able to work closely with your insurance company so that losses are minimized and the business is restored to operational order as soon as possible. Health and safety is paramount when it comes to disaster management of this kind and a professional company will be able to advise you on ways to reduce risk to yourself and your staff during the restoration process.

Your commercial restoration specialists may also be able to offer advice that is unique to your individual business. Dealing with aspects such as boiler rooms, computer rooms, sensitive documentation or specialized equipment may need specific handling in the disaster plan with possible ways of reducing damage or losses in these areas by following certain protocols, such as keeping documents in waterproof/fireproof containers, fireproofing rooms and so forth. When you have a business that might possibly involve a large number of members of the public, such as a shopping mall, you may also want to discuss escape routes, trauma clean up and other emergency services. If you deal with tenants at your business, or your business is renting to tenants, you might want to look at having a company contracted to dealing with disasters at any of the buildings as they occur, this will save you time and money as well as reduce the loss if income while tenants are unable to occupy the premises.