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Columbia Missouri Weather Damage: Protect Your Home

Weather is unpredictable. It can change in an instant. Don’t get caught unprepared for whatever the forecast might bring. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some ways that you can protect your home from inclement weather-related damage in the Columbia, Missouri, area.

Replace Your Shingles

When it rains, it pours down onto your roof. Be sure to regularly inspect and replace any broken shingles before the weather turns dangerous. Loose shingles can become projectiles. Whether you have shingles or you have a steel roof, proper maintenance will help your roof stand up to hail damage.

Clear Your Gutters

Be sure that your gutters are clear enough to allow water to flow through them and away from your home. Water damage is one of the costliest things to repair. Proper gutter maintenance makes it much easier–or free!

Change Your Window and Door Seals

Wind is another weather-related risk. One of the easiest ways for water damage to occur is through a small crack in a window or door seal. Once that crack spreads, there’s no stopping it from causing costly damage to your windows, roof, or any other part of your home.

Trim Your Trees

Aside from your home itself, it’s important to take a look at the rest of your property. Trees in your yard might be strongly rooted, but a powerful tornado or other natural disaster can move them quickly. Take care to regularly trim large branches and limbs to prevent damage to your property and your neighbors’ property.

Fix Your Fencing

Like your trees, fences are designed to be solid ways of separating your property from that of your neighbors. Wooden fences do sometimes drift, rot, and otherwise fall into disrepair. Take time to inspect each fence post regularly to keep them ready for whatever weather Mother Nature can dish out.

Need Assistance Preventing or Fixing Columbia, Missouri Weather Damage?

The team at Kelley Klean can help you get work done–no matter where you are in the process of handling weather damage or securing your home against it. Our seasoned professionals will find the right solution to your home protection or home repair needs. Don’t let the effects of damaging Columbia, Missouri weather catch you off guard. Contact Kelley Klean today!