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Common Mistakes Homeowners Make With a Basement Flood

Has your basement flooded recently? You should call a restoration team sooner rather than later. Unlike other household damages, basement floods must be treated quickly. While some DIY situations may temporarily fix basement flooding, others may cause more problems. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when dealing with a basement flood. But if you move certain […]

Types of Storm Damage and Repairs

Storm damage to your home can come from a number of factors. The bigger the storm, the more likely for a large amount of damage. In order to properly prepare, you should know the difference between the storms and their damaging effects. Below, we’ve highlighted the top four damaging storms and their effects. High Wind […]

What To Do If Your Commercial Basement Has Flooded

Standing water in your commercial basement can be very dangerous. You’ll want to hire someone to do water extraction as soon as possible. Don’t try to extract the water yourself. Wait and hire a professional with the right tools to remove the water safely and repair any damage once the water is gone. Here is what […]

Can Carpets Be Saved after Water Damage?

    When it comes to water and your carpets, the two don’t usually go well together. If you are dealing with a small spill, then it is a quick and easy fix. However, if your carpets come into contact with large amounts of water due to flooding, then that’s when you need to worry. […]

How To Winterize Your Plumbing and Pipes

  Living in Missouri means dealing with winter. While you may enjoy looking at and playing in the snow, winter comes with some cold temperatures. Those cold temperatures not only mean you need to bundle up and stay warm but so does your plumbing. In other words, your plumbing and pipes need winterization. Winterization help […]

How to Avoid Flooding from Plumbing Issues

Flood damage is one of the most common problems in a home or commercial property. In some cases, flooding is unavoidable due to inclement weather. We’ve written before about what you need to know about flood damage and steps to take if flooding occurs. Sometimes flood damage is out of your control, but there are […]

Jefferson City Basement Water Cleanup Tips

Basement water cleanup is one of the most commonly needed restoration services. Basements can fill with water before you even notice. Getting the mess squared away and protecting your furniture and other valuables are the only things that matter. These tips will help you figure out what you can and cannot tackle on your own. […]