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How Do You Know If It’s Time for Carpet Cleaning?

Take a closer look at your carpets. Are they stained? Matted? Do they have high traffic? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it might be time to look into carpet cleaning. Let’s take a closer look at the signs that you need your carpet cleaned immediately! When You Can’t Remember Your Last […]

Easy Carpet Cleaning Tricks to Prevent Carpet Stains

Are you interested in keeping your carpet clean? You’ve come to the right place! With these five tips, you can keep your carpet stain-free for longer periods of time. Since carpet cleaning is a chore disliked by many, it can prove difficult to clean effectively. However, by taking off your shoes, having a stain-resistant treatment […]

Three Reasons Your Dirty Carpet is a Hazard

Do you have your carpet cleaned regularly? If not, then you might want to start investing in a cleaning service. While it might not be noticeable to the naked eye, carpets that are not thoroughly cleaned can pose a danger to you and your family. Carpets can hold dust, hair, mold, and other debris deep […]

How Often Should You Have Carpet Cleaning in Missouri?

  Most homeowners vacuum their carpets often, but don’t realize the benefits of professional carpet cleaning. Missouri sees a wide variety of weather, making it easy to stain carpets with dirt, sand, and soil. Unattended carpet stains can become permanent, leaving your house looking dirty and decreasing the market value. Read on to learn more […]

DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions

While carpet cleaning is done best by professionals, sometimes it can be more cost-effective or faster to do it yourself. That being said, there are some ways to clean that are better than others. If you are a DIY type and would like to clean your carpets yourself, check out these tips from professionals. Carpet […]

4 Tips for Clean Carpets

In spite of your best efforts, your carpet is dirty again. You call a professional to get it clean and enjoy it for a few months – only to find it dirty again. Clean carpets don’t last forever, but you can use these four tips keep them clean just a little bit longer. Vacuum Regularly […]

Can Carpets Be Saved after Water Damage?

    When it comes to water and your carpets, the two don’t usually go well together. If you are dealing with a small spill, then it is a quick and easy fix. However, if your carpets come into contact with large amounts of water due to flooding, then that’s when you need to worry. […]

Cleaning Tips for Different Types of Carpets

  When picking the carpet for your house, you don’t think about what type of carpet it is or how best to clean it. You choose your carpet based off the feel, appearance, and color. While the type or brand may play a role in what carpet you go with, it is not the top […]

How to Help Your Carpets Survive the Holiday Season

  Everyone seems to love the holiday season. It is a season to spend time with family and take time to think about what you are truly thankful for. While the holidays can be fun, your house could become a disaster. Whether you are hosting family or you are just busy from the holidays, your […]

How to Protect Your Carpet

When you build your first home or when you are updating a preexisting home, you spend a lot of time picking out the perfect carpet. Carpet not only takes time to choose, but it is also a big investment. The last thing you want to have to do after a few years is to replace […]