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Carpet Cleaning

Preserving the life and quality of your carpets is important in keeping them looking new. It’s also necessary to keep your home and family safe from potential health risks. Dirty carpets are prone to harboring allergens, dirt, pet dander, and bacteria.

Protect your family and home value by taking care of your carpets. Kelley Klean is certified by the IICRC in carpet cleaning. We provide commercial and residential carpet cleaning services for all property types and sizes.

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Established in 1986, Kelley Klean has achieved a solid reputation through hard work, quality craftsmanship, and providing 100% satisfaction rates to its customers.

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Our team has access to the most advanced carpet cleaning tools and solutions in the industry. We promise to deliver you with results you can be happy with.

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Carpets come in a variety of colors, textures and materials. Our qualified technicians are trained to identify and select the correct cleaning technique for your carpet.

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If you have decided to implement a cleaning and maintenance plan for your residential and commercial spaces, give Kelley Klean a call. Established in 1986, we understand every property is different and will provide a competitive estimate to match your unique situation.

The contractor of choice in Mid-Missouri, we service the Columbia, Jefferson City, and Central Missouri areas. If you would like to reach us directly, our office staff is on-hand to answer any questions or to provide you with a quick and accurate estimate.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that for every pound of dirt that gets tracked into your commercial building that it could cost you nearly $500 to remove? Did you know that upwards of 24 pounds of dirt can be brought in as little as one month?

Commercial carpets experience a tremendous amount of traffic, and even though some manufacturers build carpets to withhold the test of time, there is still a proper way to clean, maintain, and prevent commercial carpets from deteriorating.

Ways To Prevent Carpet Wear

In order to keep your carpets clean, you need to start mitigating the dirt levels coming into your building. The less dirt that’s brought in, the less needs to be extracted from your carpets.

Not only does the mitigation of dirt keep your carpet cleaner for longer, but it protects your investment. Here are some tips we pulled together to help you keep dirt levels down and your carpets cleaner, longer.

Keeping outside areas such as sidewalks, parking decks, and driveways can limit the amount of dirt tracked into your commercial building. As people are milling between the interior and exterior, keeping areas swept and clean can reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your commercial carpets.

Studies show that placing a walk-off mat or installing a tile area at the front of every door can decrease the amount of dirt tracked in by 80%. This can be significant cost savings if you are dealing with a building that experiences high traffic throughout the day. If installing tile is out of your budget, simply place a walk-off mat on the exterior and interior of the entrance. This way, you can capture a good amount of dirt before a visitor even steps onto your carpet.

The fewer foods and drinks visitors bring into your commercial building, the better. When you place trash cans in highly accessible areas, it decreases the chance of coffee spills, soda stains or other accidents caused by outside trash.

Carpet Maintenance Tips

When you install carpet in your home, it can be a significant investment. It is essential for proper maintenance in order to keep it free from dust, grime, and stains. We’ve seen all sorts of damage to residential carpets and want to offer a few tips to keep your carpets looking great, while protecting your investment.

Regardless of how well you prevent and maintain your carpets, you still need to schedule regular cleanings to keep them looking new. When you choose Kelley Klean for your commercial or residential carpet cleaning, we can modify our services to match any budget while providing the service you need to protect your overall investment.

Depending on the volume of traffic, if you have pets, kids or other special circumstances, it is wise to professionally clean your carpets every 12-18 months. During these cleanings, embedded dirt can be extracted, and carpets returned to a fresh, new, state.

It is highly recommended by carpet manufacturers alike to regularly vacuum your carpets. By doing so, you can prevent pilling, extreme dirt build-up and capture any dust mites or particulates that settle into your carpets. The industry recommendation is to vacuum daily; however, if you do not have the time, make a point to vacuum at least 2-3 times per week. This way, you can capture any loose dirt that may have tracked in from the previous day.

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal, and our recommendations are to use a cleaner that has a beater bar attachment, rotating brush and suction only features. When using a vacuum cleaner with such features, will allow you to extract much more dirt than other vacuum cleaners on the market. 

Commercial carpeting also needs daily or tri-weekly vacuuming. When your maintenance team vacuums, keep in mind that high traffic areas require multiple passes, vacuums with roller brushes are the most effective to use, and slow deliberate movements extract the most dirt.


In order to maintain the integrity of your entire carpet, it’s wise to shift your furniture around if possible. Heavy furniture such as couches, tables and chairs, can leave dents in the carpet. If not addressed correctly, this could cause the carpet to snag and tear prematurely. The best way to remove such dents would be to take a coin to straighten the pile, or gently moisten the area and steam clean the spot to return the area back to its original condition.

Anytime you notice a snag in the carpet, simply use a curved set of scissors to trim it. We advise you not to pull since this will cause greater damage to the carpet overall.