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How to Cut Down on Mold Risk in Your Business

Mold poses a health risk to customers and employees alike. Mold spores aggravate asthma symptoms in adults and children. Mold spores can trigger allergies in all age groups. Mold itself can stain walls, ceilings, and furniture with unsightly patterns and leave discoloration behind long after you’ve had it removed. Mold risk management should be at […]

Why You Should Contact a Professional Disaster Restoration Service Before Your Insurance Company

  When disaster strikes, the first instinct is often to file a claim before you do anything else. Deciding whether or not to call your insurance company or a restoration service first can affect what kind of service you get and how much you’ll have to pay for. The first thing you should do after […]

Three Mistakes Homeowners Make When Shopping for Disaster Restoration Services

  Stop, drop, and roll. Get into the cellar. Crouch under a doorway. Advice to save yourself from disaster is simple, short, and easy to remember. The process of saving your house post-disaster, however, is another story. In the pressure and the emotional upheaval that comes with realizing your home needs more restoration than you […]

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