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A Piano Moving Service That Makes It Easy

Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

Removing a large item like a piano from your home can be a cumbersome process. Whether you’re removing the piano to undertake a move or removing a damaged piano for repair or refuse, the process requires careful planning. Let’s take a look at how simple the process can be when you trust Kelley Klean as your piano moving service.

Hiring a Piano Moving Service Saves Time, Money, and Stress

When you trust the removal of your piano to the experts at Kelley Klean, you work with a team of trained professionals to navigate a quick and safe movement. Our logistics team asks all the right questions before the movers arrive. These are questions like: 

  • Where is the piano located? 
  • How would you like it removed? 
  • Is it being restored, or is it being trashed? 

By planning ahead, the stress of the process is off your shoulders.

Professional Piano Movers Protect Your Property

On the day of the removal, our team of trained professionals will use the proper tools to make the process painless for you and for your home. Hiring someone to move your piano makes all the difference–no damaged walls and no damaged piano. If you’re moving, damages can lead to unplanned and unfortunate repairs that will cost you more time and money. Let the pros carefully move your piano.

Hiring Professionals Helps Save Your Back

On a more personal level, hiring professional piano movers can save you from unexpected injuries. Let’s face it–pianos can be heavy, awkwardly-shaped instruments. Professionals have years of experience moving pianos of all shapes, sizes, and weights from all sorts of homes. Why risk one missed step on your way down to a truck and dropping it on your foot? The team at Kelley Klean will use as many movers as it takes to safely remove one of your heaviest possessions with care and ease.

Hiring a Piano Moving Service Adds Peace of Mind

Given the number of factors that can impact any move, the biggest thing to consider when planning the removal of your piano is the movers involved. The team at Kelley Klean takes your peace of mind into consideration. We take great pride in serving the Columbia, Jefferson City, and Central Missouri communities. Don’t delay–contact our piano movers today!