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4 Common Questions about Water Extraction

Evacuating from a flood is an anxiety-inducing situation, but handling the clean-up process can be even more heartbreaking. Returning to a flooded home will take time – but the process of removing the water is something that should be done quickly. Let’s take a look at four common questions that homeowners have about the water extraction process.

What makes quick water extraction so important?

In the aftermath of a flood or other water-related event at your home, time is of the essence. Even the smallest amount of moisture in your home can have significant consequences. The quicker you can address the water, the better off your home will be. It should also be noted that if you did not turn off your electricity prior to evacuating, this is another significant risk that needs to be handled quickly and with care to avoid injury.

Other than water, what environmental factors should I worry about?

Another thing to consider when approaching water extraction is debris and unexpected visitors. Depending on the location of your home and the size of the storm, your home may be littered with excessive debris and pests, including rats and other vermin. A quick extraction plan will remove these additional environmental risks.

Why can’t I just clean up the water myself?

While it’s generally safe and easy for you to clean up a small amount of water, any larger flooded parts of your home may also hide more dangerous factors. Water that has collected behind walls and other dark spaces will likely lead to mold and mildew growth. Mold exposure presents a serious risk to all inhabitants of your home. A professional needs to address the mold immediately. Other water-related issues, such as sewage backups, require the same level of immediate correction.

How can I find the right water extraction service?

Finding a reliable water extraction service is one of the keys to moving forward after water damage has occurred. The team at Kelley Klean has decades of experience in solving complex water removal and restoration problems. Kelley Klean technicians are trained in all aspects of water extraction and restoration. One call does it all. Contact us today!