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3 Ways a Technician Can Help If You Have Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a common nuisance of the brutally cold winters, and they can cause catastrophic damage to your whole system. This is especially possible if the problem is not handled by a specialist. DIY solutions are good for some things, but not your pipes. A technician can not only thaw your frozen pipes properly, but they also prevent further damage and future freezing. 

Thaw Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes do not thaw well on their own. The risk of a frozen pipe bursting is high, and a burst pipe could do as much damage as flooding your home. A technician will have professional equipment to seek out your frozen pipes and thaw them safely. Never fool around with your pipes or let someone else do so without the correct expertise. The cost of an experienced technician is far less than the price of restoring water damage and your whole pipe system.

Prevent Unnecessary Damage

Technicians are armed with the tools and knowledge to protect your pipes from further damage after freezing. The internet may provide answers for how to thaw pipes on your own; however, these methods are not at all foolproof. Keep your home out of danger by letting professionals take care of its complex needs. There is no need for any extra stress when a qualified technician is on the job. Just make the right hire at an affordable price and watch your pipe problems fade away with ease.

Frozen Pipe Prevention

Don’t wait for your pipes to freeze to call a technician. Technicians can also prevent pipes from freezing by insulating them. The technician will identify which pipes are most exposed to the danger of freezing and make sure that they can withstand the coldest of nights. If you live somewhere with especially frosty winters, have your pipes inspected by a technician so they can then insulate the at-risk pipes. The best way to think is ahead, so don’t let your pipes freeze this winter; schedule a technician to winterproof your pipes instead.

Are your pipes frozen or possibly at risk of freezing? Don’t make the mistake of putting them off. Kelley Klean can help you by sending a technician to take care of your home. Get the best service at an affordable price, but most importantly, rest at ease knowing your home is going to survive this winter and the next.