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Fire Damage Restoration Myths and What to Actually Expect Instead

Fire damage restoration is a process, like any other. There are certain things that are taken for granted as common knowledge during a fire cleanup process. But sometimes simple answers and facts might not be as simple as we think. Here are a few myths about fires and fire restoration.

Myth: Sprinklers Cause More Damage Than They’re Worth

While sprinklers can make the clean-up process a longer operation after a fire, in the moment of the blaze, sprinklers can make a huge difference. The water can help tamp down the fire or put it out entirely. On a regulated system that’s working properly, sprinklers won’t trigger on unless absolutely necessary. Cleaning up afterward might be more of a chore, but sprinklers can contain the fire and prevent it from spreading to more of your home or building.

Myth: Clean-up Will Be Quick and Painless

Cleaning up after a fire is going to take a physical and emotional toll on anyone helping with the cleanup. Sifting through the items affected by the fire can be challenging, especially if the fire was widespread and consumed several rooms or an entire home. The process will feel long and difficult. Lean on a support network in this difficult time.

Myth: I Can Do It Myself

Trying to clean up after a fire without professional help can be dangerous and challenging. Without knowing the safety ramifications of diving in and starting to clean up, you can injure yourself or your family. There may be structural issues like weak walls or ceilings that could fall down and cause injuries. Many times insurance agencies will also insist on professional services to help clear up the mess after a fire.

Myth: Fire Damage Restoration Makes Everything the Same Again

Once your home has sustained fire damage, the restoration process can be complicated. Load-bearing walls might have changed or shifted, and sometimes things can’t be rebuilt as they were. Fire damage restoration might not be able to bring everything back to normal, but it will help put things back into place as well as they can. In some cases, fire damage restoration can open your home up to a new layout or a different set up that’s easier and nicer than the previous layout.

Experiencing a fire can be traumatic. When you need help cleaning your home or building after a fire, call Kelley Klean. Our experienced team is a professional group that knows how to handle all aspects of fire damage restoration. Kelley Klean wants you to stay safe and play it smart during your fire damage restoration period.